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Meta Tag Slurp - SEO Checklist

Last updated on April 11th, 2023 by A1 True Jobs

How to use Meta Slurp Tag on your website? Yahoo's NOYDIR Opt-Out for Yahoo Directory Titles & Descriptions. The search engine Yahoo! supports the use of the so-called ‘NOYDIR’ Meta tag. It might have been a long time ago since your website has been added to the index of the Yahoo Directory. And it could be that the title or description that is still in there has to be changed. If you want to force Yahoo to add your new title and meta description tag of your website use the so-called NOYDIR meta tag.

The Yahoo Directory is composed of humans and might contain information you may not wish displayed. Yahoo’s directory contains many old summaries.

The solution to this problem is very simple:

add the following meta tag on every page:

<meta name="robots" content="noydir">

This meta tag tells every search engine spider not to add the Yahoo Directory title or the meta description. Now that you can influence yourself what the title and the click-through link is in the index of a search engine, you also influence the CTR. And this improves your ranking!

If you want to make sure that Yahoo doesn't use the Directory description, please add the following:


A meta tag that corresponds to the SLURP tag is the NOODP meta tag. Displaying old information occurs because of the result from the Open Directory Project DMOZ. The website, with the old meta description, has a description and a link in the ODP listings (Open Directory Project). If you want to take notice that all the search engines won't use this information you add :


If you want to block both the Open Directory and Yahoo Directory titles being used, you’ll need to add both of them:


Sometimes we notice that people address every spider separately:


But also adding the following will work :


If you wish to block archiving, the meta tag will look as following:


Where should you add this meta tag?

Search engine Yahoo! supports the ‘NOYDIR’ Meta Tag. Your website already could be added to the Yahoo directory. Maybe an old title or description is still displayed. If you want to force Yahoo to index the new title and description meta tag on your website, use the so-called NOYDIR meta tag toe. Add meta tags on every page of your website!

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